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Why bother with roof maintenance?

A large majority of Melbourne and Altona homeowners do not take good care of their roofs. If it doesn’t appear to be leaking, why bother.

Unfortunately there is no other way to inspect the integrity of a roof than to actually gain access to it. This can be quite a dangerous affair, if not carried out by an experienced tradesman.

It is highly recommended that a roofing expert is engaged to not only provide an inspection on a regular basis, but to also carry out any necessary repairs. They will usually have the appropriate safety equipment, and the knowledge on how to access a roof, and how to walk and act whilst working with heights.

Depending on the age of the roof, and the amount of surrounding vegetation, it is also recommended that gutters are cleaned at least annually. At this time the tradesman engaged can also take the time to inspect the roof, and provide you with an inspection report.

Blockages in gutters can cause major flood damage, as water can flow over the back of the gutter and into the building. This can occur quickly during storm conditions. These events can be avoided on most occasions, make a diary note for regular cleaning and inspections, looking for any loose roofing material, nails or cracked tiles, and contact and engage a roofing expert to repair anything that doesn’t look quite right.or Hire a tradesman to clean your gutters and inspect and/or repair your roof on a regular basis.

Roof Maintenance Frequency

Gutters Maintenance

Once or twice a year, depending on surrounding vegetation, and maybe install a gutter leaf guard.

Roof Maintenance Altona and Melbourne

Depending on the age and material, at least every two – three years and with older roofs, at least annually. Really old roofs may require more drastic attention, especially after stormy weather conditions that frequently arise through winters.